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Innovative security applications

Focused on innovative applications of tested technology, Liberty Defense Technologies is dedicated to bringing safety and security to public spaces around the world. Drawing on the knowledge of a team of highly qualified security experts, our goal is to protect lives by preventing violence and acts of terrorism, while maintaining the utmost respect for personal privacy.

What We Do

HEXWAVE: Combating the threat of terror

The threat of terrorism is real.

Incidents of terrorism are on the rise, and concern for public safety is at an all-time high. The challenge: crowded places with multiple entry points, such as airports, public transit systems, schools, and shopping malls are difficult to secure in a non-intrusive way.

The market for a new security product is here. One that is easily installed and operated. One that works in conjunction with existing systems. One that can identify threats before they happen, and offer security services and law enforcement the tools they need to keep the public safe


A growing need for security solutions

The public safety and security market size will grow to USD $532.39 billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.0%. By 2020, USD $8.4 billion will be spent by governments and venue managers to strengthen security and enhance the safety of people gathering in public spaces.


An innovative product yields opportunity

Liberty Defense Technologies delivers both security and freedom of movement with a discreet tool that monitors multiple entry points seamlessly, screening people and their belongings in real time.

By providing an extended range of perimeter security to existing screening systems and independently identifying and tracking suspects and weapons before the situation can escalates into an attack, Liberty Defense Technologies is a leader in preemptive threat detection and response.

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