HEXWAVE breaks new ground in discreet, seamless real-time scanning for weapons in challenging environments.

Announcement Highlights:
  • HEXWAVE, a new active millimeter wave security platform, is close to launch
  • Offers unprecedented new ways to scan multiple entry points in challenging areas such as metros, schools, and shopping centers
  • Provides real-time data as a standalone system or integrated into other security systems

(Boston, MA) June 7, 2018 – Liberty Defense Technologies, in conjunction with Lincoln Laboratories, is proud to announce the launch of HEXWAVE, a powerful new tool in preserving the safety and security of people and property.

“HEXWAVE is a revolutionary new application of active millimeter wave technology,” said Aman Bhardwaj, President. “With over five years of testing completed, we’re proud to say that HEXWAVE is ready to change how we approach security in challenging environments.”

HEXWAVE’s unique active millimeter wave technology addresses a number of concerns, changing the way that millimeter wave can be used. As a standalone device or as part of a larger security system, HEXWAVE quickly scans multiple people in real time, all without the need for single-file scan lines. It can be installed discreetly into spaces, preserving the atmosphere and aesthetic of an event and removing the feeling of passing through a security checkpoint. Real-time data preserves the modesty of those being scanned by censoring certain body areas and can be used to trigger both manual and automated security responses in the event that weapons, traditional or improvised, are detected.

HEXWAVE makes it simple to answer the rising call for security in the face of increased violence in public spaces. As a discreet solution it can help to prevent incidents of violence and terror before they happen.

HEXWAVE continues to evolve and will be available to help protect both innocent lives and security professionals in 2018. To learn more about HEXWAVE visit

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Bringing together a team dedicated to the safety and security of people around the globe, we are drawing on expertise from an incredibly talented group of professionals. We believe in innovative technology to answer the call in protecting innocent lives.

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