Market Potential

A positive forecast

Three main elements are driving the market need for HEXWAVE as a solution.


In 2016 alone, 25,673 deaths were attributed to terrorism and the world economy lost an estimated USD $84B as a result of these incidents.


Increasing deployment of detectors in public spaces such as sports venues and schools reduces incidents of violence.


The desire to deliver safety to the public drives market growth for threat detection

Gun violence on the rise

Security in public spaces

With gun violence and other acts of terrorism at an all-time high across the globe, the need for improved security protocols that ensure safety in public spaces is stronger than ever. Over 80 mass shootings have been occurred in the US in 2018 so far, following 346 incidents in 2017. While 20 of these mass shootings have occurred in schools, most occur in offices and retail establishments—areas where members of the public gather in larger numbers. The need to secure crowded places with multiple entry points is essential: sporting venues, public transit hubs, and other public gathering places will continue to be vulnerable to these attacks until a new method of seamlessly protecting citizens without disrupting the flow of everyday life is deployed.

Market Opportunities

Seamless protection in high traffic spaces

Transportation Hubs

The passenger security equipment market was estimated to grow from USD $43,398M USD to USD $79,042M from 2016 to 2023.


There are 5000+ stadiums that seat 130M people around the world.


There are 88,835 schools with 49.3M students in the US alone.