5 years of R&D


HEXWAVE stands alone or can be used in conjunction with other security products. A sleek, refined industrial design makes it simple to install, easy to maintain, and discreet to operate.

Active millimeter wave technology is safe, emitting less energy than the Wi-Fi transmitter of personal cellular devices.

Non-invasive imaging blends real-time video with advanced 3D imaging to protect the privacy and modesty of those being scanned.

A small footprint, lower energy requirements, and discreet installation options make it easy to deploy in public spaces with multiple entry points.

Standardized interface for both hardware and software means the system can be used as a standalone solution or easily integrated as a 2nd or 3rd layer of security in existing screening systems.

Real-time imaging detects and protects with no delays, allowing for preventative action and shortened response times.

Advanced industrial design is easy to manufacture and efficient to ship.

Smart supply line management allows for low cost production and product iteration.

Active Millimeter Wave Technology

The solution

The Liberty Defense Technologies solution is the answer: by using Active Millimeter Wave technology in a slim-line, easily integrated solution, public spaces can be secured without disrupting the flow of everyday life. Detecting threats in the form of traditional and improvised weapons, both metallic and non-metallic, it scans unstructured crowd environments in real-time through multiple entry points.

Liberty Defense Technologies offers real-time prediction of and reaction to potentially violent incidents by scanning and immediately identifying possible assailants and their weapons, thus eliminating the need for structured, single-file security screening. It’s fast, direct, and non-intrusive, protecting the privacy and modesty of those being scanned while offering an unprecedented level of security

The Liberty Defense Technologies Advantage

Product and people equals performance

Liberty Defense Technologies has designed, tested, and is ready to deploy an innovative security product in a market that needs it, with a clear plan to take it through manufacturing to commercialization within the next 18 months.

Market Opportunity

As threats to security continue to rise, there is an opportunity in the market for a product that can detect threats and prevent acts of terrorism and gun-related crimes in real time.

Unique/Innovative Technology

This innovative technology can detect and identify traditional and improvised weaponry, including both metallic and non-metallic threats in unstructured crowds.

Experienced Team

The team at Liberty Defense Technologies is comprised of professionals with proven track records across security, technology, and public policy.