Our Product

5 years of R&D


HEXWAVE stands alone or can be used in conjunction with other security products. A sleek, refined industrial design makes it simple to install, easy to maintain, and discreet to operate.

First practical application of next-gen active 3D imaging weapon detection technology developed using intellectual property licensed from MIT-based Lincoln Labs.

Built on active real-time concealed threat item imaging technology.

User-friendly with covert and overt applications.

Faster and more accurate detection.

Preserves modesty, ensuring no privacy violations of those being scanned.

Works with both traditional and automated security measures to respond appropriately to threats.

Detects metallic and non-metallic threat objects such as guns, knives, assault rifles and explosives.

Can be configured to various sizes for discrete installation into everyday locations.

Can be used in public spaces offering long-range threat detection up to 15ft.

High throughput, reduces long security lines and doesn't disrupt natural flow of people.

Concealed weapon 3D images are created using advanced imaging and machine learning algorithms. Machine/deep learning technology is used to enhance sensor fidelity and decision hierarchy - High (take action), Med (track), Low (pass).

Active 3D Imaging Technology

The solution

The Liberty Defense Technologies solution is the answer: by using HEXWAVE Active 3D imaging technology in an easily integrated solution, public and private spaces can be secured without disrupting the flow of everyday life. HEXWAVE scans unstructured crowds in real-time through multiple entry points. It detects threats in the form of traditional and improvised weapons, both metallic and non-metallic.

Machine / deep learning technology enhances sensor fidelity and decision response hierarchy – High (take action), Med (track), Low (pass).

It’s fast, direct, and non-intrusive, protecting the privacy and modesty of those being scanned while offering an unprecedented level of security.

The Liberty Defense Technologies Advantage

Product and people equals performance

Liberty Defense Technologies has designed and tested an innovative security product. With a clear plan to take HEXWAVE through manufacturing to commercialization, we are ready to introduce this powerful technology to the security market.

Market Opportunity

As threats to security continue to rise, there is an opportunity in the market for a product that can detect threats and help prevent acts of terrorism and weapon related crimes in real-time.

Unique/Innovative Technology

This innovative technology can detect and identify traditional and improvised weapons, including both metallic and non-metallic, in unstructured crowds.

Experienced Team

The team at Liberty Defense Technologies is comprised of professionals with proven track records across security, technology, and public policy.