Global BC – Vancouver’s Rogers Arena to test new 3D imaging, AI technology to detect hidden weapons

Global News Hour at 6 – Rogers Arena is set to serve as a testing ground for new technology designed to enhance security at large public venues. Georgia-based Liberty Defense Ltd. announced they have signed a memorandum of understanding with Rogers Arena to test their new Hexwave system within or near the arena, which serves […]

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CTV News – AI security screening coming to Rogers Arena

CTV News – Starting next year, people heading to events at Rogers Arena may be subject to a new type of artificial intelligence security screening never used in Canada before, and those being scanned may never even know it. U.S. security technology company Liberty Defense Technologies which has an office in Vancouver, has signed a […]

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Global BC – Rogers arena test site for new security measures

Global News Morning BC – A new security system that can detect weapons underneath clothing and in handbags will be tested at Rogers Arena in the near future.

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Introducing: HEXWAVE.

Liberty Defense is proud to present the technology that’s going to take the security world by storm: HEXWAVE. An Active 3D imaging system with AI-enhanced automatic detection, HEXWAVE is a powerful tool that can detect various forms of weaponry – metal and non-metal. The design allows HEXWAVE to be built into most entryways. It functions […]

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Liberty Defense is committed to preserving your peace of mind.

With cutting edge innovation and a dedicated team, we are working toward our vision of leading the security industry with HEXWAVE – the latest in threat-detection technology. Watch the video below from our CEO Bill Riker, who brings over 35 years of experience in the defense and security space to the Liberty Defense team, to learn […]

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